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What are your terms on OEM decks ?
Our terms of sales are Exworks, Our plant. We require a 50% deposit prior to starting production and the balance prior to shipping to your order.
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Can I have different shapes/graphics for my order ?
As we need to keep our plant efficient to make sure we can offer competitive pricing and service, we request a minimum total order of 25 decks of the same graphic. You can choose different shapes per segments of 10 decks. ( Ex: 50 decks : 8" x 10, 8.25" x 20 and 8.5" x 20)


What it the type of wood and glue your company uses ?
Our regular construction boards are 100% hard rock Canadian maple as follows: 2 faces grades and 3 core grades of 1/16th of an inch and 2 X-Bands of 1/24th of an inch. Our glue is a specialty glue designed exclusively for the skateboard industry. Interested in woodworking, check out


Can I have a top print on my decks ?
Yes. There its an additional print cost of $1.90 per deck + graphic setup of $180. We can only print between the trucks on top prints.


What is the difference between heat transfers and screen printing ?
The process is very similar but heat transfer printing yield a much higher quality print. Decks that are screen printed are printed in 2 different way:

1) The individual face is printed prior to pressing. This is a more precise method of screen printing as you are printing a flat piece. The disadvantage is that your graphics may be off center due to slight movement in the presses and the setup times relatively long. It is important to consider this in your designs.

2) A blank deck is printed using a curved screen. This methods removes some of the centering problems but has a higher risk of smudging and graph defects. Heat transfer printing is the as the first screen printing method with the exception that the screen printing is actually done on a glass table and heat transfer paper. Because this surface is very smooth and perfectly flat, you will get perfect prints everytime. These sheets are then run through a heat transfer machine that releases a perfect graphic directly on the deck. If you are interested in learning more about printing, please visit


How do I submit my graphics ?
We have 3 ways of receiving your artwork. 1) By mail on a CD. (Please see ou contact information) 2) By email if your file is smaller that 20 megs. ( 3) By FTP for larger files. Once we have come to an agreement with your, you will be able to log into our customerzone to get our graphics. You can also use Wetransfer


How long will it take to get the boards ?
Our lead times for standard products are 4 to 8 weeks after receiving your desposit and artwork in the proper format. Non-standard products may be longer. Please ask your sales associate for more accurate lead times and check your puchase order for actual lead times as they do vary during the year.


Can I get terms ?
Terms are available for larger orders with clients that are financially sound and fees do apply. It is not our regular business practice to offer terms so please do not ask if your order is not a minimum of 25 000$ USD.


How do I pay ?
Most of our clients pay by wire transfer or check. We also accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discovery 


What about the duties?
Depending on your country different duties may apply. For orders from Canada, we are located in the USA and we can easily ship to Canada. Being such are part of NAFTA so there are no duties. Brokers however charge a small nomial fee for paperwork processing. Usually this fee is roughly 50$USD.


I want to start a new company, how much will it cost me to produce decks ?
This will of course depend on a variety of factors but if you do not have a minimum of 625$USD to invest in your new venture, you should consider finding a manufacturer that can work within your budget. Once you have grown you company and are ready to move up to premium manufacturing, we will be happy to work with you.
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Since many skateboard vendors are small business operators, we place high importance on supporting our customers in making their businesses successful ones. Not just from a product standpoint, but on how these products are delivered. To this end, we have people and systems that are dedicated to helping our customers make the right choices for their businesses. Here are some concrete examples of what we mean by service:

– We support our customers in ensuring that they get the best rates on shipping.

– We pack all of our decks in clearly identified boxes with a packing list so that you can quickly sort through your order.

– We have sales associates that will work with you to make sure that your experience with us is a great one, and that you make the right product selection for your business.

– We answer the phone when you call.

– We are the only skateboard manufacturer with a self-serve customer zone that provides you with a centralized access point to everything we have to offer for your business.

• Get administrative information.

• Find out about current promotions.

• Get information on key aspects of your business.


Woodchuck has been around for almost a decade and has earned the respect of its customers, the industry and even its competitors. While most North American manufacturers were shrinking, Woodchuck has kept growing and has won numerous prestigious business award recognising this. See about section.


As stated above, we feel that quality and service are paramount when catering to the high end market, but we also realize that this market is becoming increasingly competitive. Since we want to be your primary supplier of hard goods, we offer our products and services at highly competitive prices. We definitely do not claim to be the cheapest on the market nor do we aspire to be. We looks for long term relationships with clients that value high quality and service.